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I think this is one of the first projects as to why SCAREDEV was born and founded.

I used to be an individual freelancer at the Freelancer.com platform. And I didn’t start to be a web/developer. I was more into designing. Yes, photoshop!
But I can’t escape what I really love to do, until I’ve tried bidding on web dev projects.

And it did came true, I was awarded to do this project. But as they say, Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. I was having an internship with web development and soon became full time at Innowebative.

And so, as I was working full time, I saw the need to hire and ask some help to my friend, Jerome Aparece, a very nerd accounting student back then.

And so we agreed to do the job with the following key requirements:

1. Deliver nicely organized HTML+CSS (not something built from Excel’s “export to web” feature)
2. Liquid layout, min-width 1280px
3. Images: included 40px flags
4. Browser compatibility: latest Firefox, latest Chrome, latest Safari, and IE9.
5. Finally, a graphic design / usability experience
and a PS: please: In order to fit on a 1280px wide screen, the text shrinks to the point of unreadability (IMHO).
Can you play with margins, column widths, and font sizes until the results look good at 1280px?

I think it took us about 5 days to complete this project.

Thank you WaveMetrix!
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