SCAREDev is an IT development, solutions and consultancy group based in a small and only city of Bohol - Tagbilaran City.

Who we are.

We build creative solutions with you. And we are really passionate about good design, ethics and smart solutions.

Alwin Rosal

Team Lead / Founder

Jenny Lyn Bolong-Rosal

Business Operations & Development

Crisnil Acuyado

Senior Developer / Co-founder

Jelarry Cadutdut

SEO Expert

Ysabelle Cual

Content Writer

Xcer Clenuar


Joel Simbajon

Business Development

Crismen Marie Cang

Content Writer


Creates unique on-brand visual elements and defines the visual expression platform. We work with all aspects of the system that interacts with the user including the interface, graphics, design, etc. to create a cohesive, predictive and desirable designs. Paired heavily with solutions.


Uncovers and documents requirements & constraints, interview stakeholders and help define pain points & solutions.


Manages the overall technical vision and implementation of the product/project.


Manages the development, initiation and continued marketing. Does market research, psychology and design to build brand architecture, consumer engagement and a plan to build brand loyalty.

How we work.

1 SCAREDEV works with you on the fundamentals of your business, from business & product strategy, to defining first customer interactions and how to measure them.

2 We specialize in rebuilding legacy systems, modernizing aging infrastructure, reducing headcount and optimizing costs. We build lean, agile systems and business processes that increase efficiencies, automate manual workflows and improve your business performance.

3 We can help you expand your business by designing and developing compelling new products & services. From concept to launch we apply startup style customer development and agile engineering approaches to the development of new products and lines of business.